A blog for reporting on and liveblogging the LAUC-B Conference, “Student Library Users: Deliver What They Need — The Way They Want It,” October 23, 2009, Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley.  The conference is scheduled for 9:30am-4:30pm.


  • Opening Keynote: Joan K. Lippincott, Coalition for Networked Information
  • Closing Keynote: Sarah Houghton-Jan, San José Public Library
    “Online Services for Online Users”

Presentations (alphabetical by last name)

  • Mary Linn Bergstrom & Susan Shepherd, Science & Engineering Library, UC San Diego
    “Undergraduates in a Science & Engineering Library”
  • Char Booth, Teaching Library, UC Berkeley
    “Informing Innovation with Local User Research”
  • Jennifer M. Collins, San Francisco Public Library
    “WEB 2.0 High: Information Access for the Pre-College Crowd”
  • Ellie Goldstein Erickson & Alexandra Provence, Berkeley High School Library
    “The Pipeline: Teens & Young Adult Librarians on current behaviors & wants”
  • Heather A. Horst, UC Irvine
    “Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out: Genres of Participation in the New Media Ecology”
  • David Radwin, Office of Student Research, UC Berkeley
    “Profile of University of California Undergraduates”
  • Jeff Rosen & Thoreau Lovell, San Francisco State University
    “Gaining a Foothold in Theirspace”
  • Robin Tracy Williams, Sun Microsystems
    “In Command! – Kids and Teens Build and Manage Their Own Information Spaces and Learn to Manage Themselves in Those Spaces”

Banner photo:  Steve McConnell / UC Berkeley

Credit: Steve McConnell / UC Berkeley

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