Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: notes

Hanging Out, Messing Around & Geeking Out: Genres of Participation in the New Media Ecology: Heather Horst, UC Humanities Research Institute, UC-Irvine



Major trends in new media for kids & young people:

–          Increasing accessibility of tools for digital production. Part of everyday life and taken for granted.

–          Distribute new media through networks: other people review and comment on their work

Kids often have 2 primary motivations for using digital media

  1. Friendship-driven participation (facebook, MySpace, IM, texts)
  2. Interest-driven participation (“hobbies” are important in deep, engaged learning)

Genres of Participation:  Kids move through these genres all the time.

  1. Hanging Out: a space that we know, really.   Social space.  Chat, etc.
  2. Messing Around: looking around for information. Experimentation and play (not necessarily serious). Learning about resources and different media ecologies.  Using new media for a specific purpose.  Trial and error; non-consequential use of new media.  *Know that the library has a space where you can access/create new media.
  3. Geeking Out: deep-dive into specialized interest or topic.  Development of expertise and credibility in a specific domain.  Use new media in the pursuit of specialized knowledge. Alternative models of status and credibility.  Bend or break social/technological rules in pursuit of interests.  Get feedback and recognition for work.

What can we do to create spaces that support the diverse modes of participation and the learning that happens within them?

YouMedia space in Chicago PL: http://vimeo.com/6384385

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